Summer is here and the vines are in gear!

Martha's Office block chardonnayThe frost danger has passed and summer 2014 is here! The farmer gods have been kind to us so far, and we are seeing what looks to be the best start to the vineyard’s growing season yet. Pruning and cropping¬† led to¬† a nice fruit set, and the fall harvest, while still months away and with many challenges to be overcome, is starting to take shape in our minds. So far it’s a dry year here, which is a plus for weed control, always project number one here on our organic farm. Danny says the WWOOFER crew is outstanding, this year, and even seasoned, as old friends re-upped for a summer at MCR.

The tree fruit is doing well, too. Though an early bloom and a late frost combined to thin the apricots, the later fruits are coming on strong, so far. The last of the yummy cherries will be picked this weekend, to make their way to tables in Colorado and Utah.

Italian bees and chickens are new to the ranch, and so far providing amusement, if not yet sustenance; the first egg was collected this week.


Martha's Office chardonnay block in late June

Martha’s Office chardonnay block in late June





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