Thunderstorms Blue Skys and Rainbows

The tail end of a thunderstorm at Montezuma Canyon Ranch complete with rainbow.

Late Afternoon Thunderstorm August 08

The water pours out of the canalies just minutes after the thunderstorm begins at the Montezuma Canyon Ranch.

Lightning Caught on Camera

At 23 seconds in lighting flashes across the sky at Montezuma Canyon Ranch. At least the Deer aren’t scare

Thunderstorm in Montezuma Canyon

A massive late summer Thunderstorm that caused hughe waterfalls to form all over the canyon.

Bluff Thunderstorm Part 1

This video is one of three with Martha, Jon, Chuck, and Danny driving back from a hike, that ended with a suprise thunder shower.

Bluff Thunderstorm Part 2

The second part starts out with a massive waterfall, and shows all the flooding that occured.

Bluff Thunderstorm Part 3

The Final part of the storm where the Hail begins.

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