Summer is here, and the vines are cranking!

After a 2012 summer of biblical events (freeze, windstorms, and pests, all in the same year!), the summer of 2013 has been very welcome: mild temperatures, frequent short monsoon rains, and plenty of sun have combined to pump up the vines, and generally turn our canyon very green. The WWOOFers have been busy tying, pruning, and weeding, and the result is traffic-stopping (by that I mean that, on average, the two cars a day which pass through the canyon usually stop in amazement at the first sight of the viticultural oasis in the desert).

The apricot and cherry crops were smaller than usual this year, and we saw (and ate) a normal crop of peaches, but the apples and pears are coming on huge. Look for them at both the farmers market and Moonflower Market in Moab!


The vines are netted now, keeping the birds at bay, and we are waiting for the sugars and acids to reach the magic levels….Harvest Festival II is just ahead.


Some pics for you:

Martha’s Office” chardonnay block, just inside the main gate

Summer is here 2013New farmers market canopy for fruit sales Jack and Polo in the West Orchard August 2013 chard august 2013 Martha's Office Chardonnay block avec pommes



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