The Community

Montezuma Canyon is a pretty much north-south 2000 foot gash in the Colorado Plateau, near the Colorado Border in San Juan County, Southeast Utah. 1000 years ago, the 50 miles of the canyon were dotted with settlement of ancient Puebloans, who certainly numbered in the thousands. Today, it is home to about 8 families, all of them tied together by the remoteness of the geography, and years of mutual reliance and friendship. When the nearest gas station or grocery store is 15 miles away, and where all of us live literally off ALL grids — no phone lines, electricity, sewers, water, or even cellular normal service, we have become a real, if tiny, community. Our nearest neighbors, the DeHarts, are truly amazing people, as are the Houghtons and the Tracy family, “the Texans”, Hoot and Lila,  and of course the colorful brothers Bill and Bob Stone. We are truly blessed to call them friends. Come visit us, and you will meet them. Pictures coming soon…..

Montezuma Canyon Ranch website by danny.
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